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RightSourcing is the recognized leading healthcare MSP.  With service offerings stronger than a primary MSP or technology only MSP, we deliver superior value to our clients.  Read more in our case studies to find out how we saved clients significant time and money while positively impacting patient care.

Case Study: RightSourcing Saves $3.5M on SOW Project

vendor neutral MSP

Many health systems approach statement of work (SOW) project work on a piecemeal basis.  This can include technology upgrades, EHR implementations, and more.  Often, SOW project work is not included in their managed services programs.  Instead, many health systems still rely on hiring managers to manage these programs, with varying levels of success.  However, this… Read more »

Case Study: Driving Cost Savings, Compliance, and Quality at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

contingent labor cost savings

Healthcare systems have many challenges.  Among them are how to hire top talent, manage risk, and stay within budget.  Find out how Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) successfully saves over $1 million per year by managing their non- employee workforce with RightSourcing.  Using a vendor neutral managed service provider has translated into big cost savings,… Read more »

One of the nation’s largest hospital companies saves $4.7 million and reduces turnover 44% with RightSourcing vendor management services

contingent workforce management

Healthcare systems have been experiencing higher than normal turnover rates across the country. The largest hospital systems are not immune to this trend.  Vendor management has become critical to managing healthcare staffing.  RightSourcing reduced staff turnover by 44 percent, saving one of the nation’s largest hospital companies more than $4.7 million. RightSourcing manages more than… Read more »

University health system reduces spend 8.7% with RightSourcing MSP/VMS program

contingent workforce management

Working with a prestigious university health system, RightSourcing was able to achieve significant cost savings. Prior to their entry, there was a decentralized approach towards healthcare staffing and a significant portion of contingent workers sourced in a similar decentralized manner.  RightSourcing introduced their MSP program and successfully converted 158 contract staff to employees for this… Read more »

RightSourcing saves non-profit Northern California health network $7.1 million with contingent workforce management services

contingent workforce management

Many health systems are in dire need of contingent workforce management services.  When spend is high and hiring decisions are decentralized and inefficient, this can cause significant budgetary constraints. For a dominant Northern California health system, RightSourcing generated $7.1 million in savings and program value over two years, managing more than 2,700 contingent workers across… Read more »