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The Case for Small Data in Healthcare Contingent Labor Programs


For several years, human resources technology and talent management software have experienced a renaissance in strategic analytics.  These platforms have focused on integrating what has been called Big Data, offering macro views of talent acquisition and management.  As healthcare expands its talent pool and increases their engagement of contingent labor, strategic analytics have become critical… Read more »

How to Use Strategic Analytics to Enhance Patient Care

For several years, human resources, contingent labor engagement, and talent acquisition technologies have begun featuring advanced strategic analytics.  Increasingly, customers have taken notice that strategic analytics is growing in importance.  But what value can it bring to a health system?  The answer is that it can enhance patient care. Strategic Analytics and the Value of… Read more »

Why Healthcare IT is Turning to Healthcare MSP Partners

healthcare MSP

Health systems are increasingly turning over the management of healthcare IT contingent labor and SOW work to MSP partners.  In a climate where good IT talent can be hard to find, obtaining experienced SOW workers and contingent labor remains a challenge for departments already overburdened with technology upgrades and other critical projects.  Healthcare IT leaders… Read more »

How to Integrate Strategic Analytics into Your Contingent Labor Program

strategic analytics

Strategic analytics and Big Data have become increasingly important to engagement of contingent labor.  Why? The use of this data grew out of the realization that processes which can be tracked and measured can be improved. Health systems not currently embracing strategic analytics, take note.  Quantitative data will become incredibly important to not only how… Read more »

5 Ways Strategic Analytics Drive Value

multigenerational workforce

According to a recent survey by Navicure and Porter Research, 55% of health systems lack a strategic analytics solution to measure and drive value.  This is in contrast to the 73% of leadership at those health systems that see this need as critical.  Many health systems are still evaluating their need for strategic analytics, including… Read more »

Healthcare Workforce Solutions Trends on the Rise

healthcare workforce solutions

As the labor market continues to grow, healthcare is expected to add approximately 586,000 jobs in 2016 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  In June alone, approximately 39,000 new jobs were added in healthcare.  This is encouraging news, but as retirements increase, health systems are still struggling to attract enough qualified candidates to hire… Read more »

Strategic Analytics Suggest Rising Nursing Demand

strategic analytics guide nurse hiring

Recent strategic analytics and market intelligence suggests that the demand for nurses will soon reach a 20 year high. By 2020, health systems expect to create another 3.45 million nursing jobs, approximately 26% more in a decade than the two decades prior. Much of this is attributed to Baby Boomers beginning to retire. As these… Read more »

Healthcare Hiring Trends to Watch

healthcare hiring trends

The healthcare industry is leading the nation in new job openings.  According to the Bureau of Labor Services (BLS), 486,000 healthcare jobs were added in 2016 to date while other industries were experiencing stagnant job growth.  These figures show no sign of slowing as more jobs are expected to be added in the healthcare sector…. Read more »

Healthcare Workforce Solutions to Ease EHR Implementation Struggles

healthcare workforce solutions ease EHR implementations

Recent research has suggested that health systems across the nation are feeling the sting associated with implementing new technology.  This technology, known as electronic healthcare record systems, or EHR’s, is intended to enhance patient care significantly.  The federal government has encouraged the implementation of EHR’s in an effort to facilitate reading patient charts and their… Read more »

Strategic Analytics Guide Healthcare Workforce Solutions

strategic analytics guide healthcare workforce solutions

For several years, businesses in multiple industries have been discussing the buzz about “Big Data.”  With a few years of experience, we now understand this to be strategic analytics.  Healthcare has been slow to adopt strategic analytics, particularly as it applies to healthcare workforce solutions.  Yet, strategic analytics remains one of the most successful components… Read more »