• contingent labor program

    Champion Diversity in Your Contingent Labor Program

    Employers have long realized the benefits of diversity in their workplace.  Gallup reports that diverse teams are 35% more productive and produce 58% greater revenue than teams that are more homogenous.  However, healthcare has an even greater purpose- to develop diverse workforces that are more nuanced in cultural and gender sensitivity in order to provide… Read more »

  • healthcare MSP future proof

    How Can a Healthcare MSP Future Proof Your Workforce?

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 10% of the American workforce will soon be eligible for retirement.  This is troubling news for any organization, but particularly in healthcare, which is facing a serious skills gap.  Look around your health system- can you afford to lose 10% of your valued workforce? Turn to… Read more »

  • energize-contingent-workforce-program

    Energize Your Contingent Workforce Program

    Has your contingent workforce program gone stale? Across the nation, 83% of hospitals are using contingent workers to fill open positions.  In many cases, these contingent workforce programs are managed by hiring managers in their “spare” time.  As these programs grow in size and scope, new complexities and challenges emerge which require more nuanced and… Read more »

  • Healthcare MSP - Non-Clinical Staffing

    Improve Your Candidate Experience with an MSP Partner

    In the war for talent, demand for healthcare candidates outpaces supply 2 to 1.  Much of the reason why a candidate chooses one health system over another depends largely upon the candidate experience. This is true both in traditional healthcare hiring and in contingent labor programs.  Yet, often health systems forget about the candidate experience… Read more »

  • Toshiba Classic

    RightSourcing Gives Back at the Toshiba Classic

    For the past 15 years, it’s been RightSourcing’s pleasure to sponsor the Toshiba Classic at the Newport Beach Country Club.  This wonderful event benefits the Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center at Hoag Hospital, responsible for providing comprehensive care to patients with diabetes or those at risk for developing diabetes. RightSourcing has had a relationship with… Read more »

  • contingent labor risk mitigation

    Is Your Health System Blind to SOW Risk?

    This year, health systems across the nation will engage SOW workers for a variety of different projects- from EHR implementations to technology upgrades, and more.  SOW programs represent a minefield of risk to health systems because they are often very costly, operate outside of traditional channels such as a managed services program, and are hard… Read more »

  • contingent-workforce-management

    Contingent Workforce Management, an Investment in Patient Care

    Central to every business decision that a health system makes is how to improve patient safety and care.  Most important to a health system’s ability to deliver superior patient care is its ability to attract qualified candidates.  Yet healthcare has experienced a crisis in hiring.  For several years, they have experienced a talent shortage as… Read more »

  • contingent workers

    Overcome the Nursing Shortage with an MSP Partner

    For several years, healthcare has felt the effects of a lingering skills gap.  This skills gap has created a nursing shortage, whereby demand for skilled nurses exceeds available supply 2 to 1.  Unfortunately, there are no signs that this trend is going to slow.  In fact, the nursing shortage will worsen significantly.  By 2020, the… Read more »

  • healthcare-flsa-contingent-labor

    Will FLSA Updates Impact Your Contingent Labor Program?

    For several years, healthcare organizations have been challenged with attracting and retaining the right amount of workers to render superior patient care.  To mitigate a lack of available talent, 81% of hospitals have turned to using contingent labor.  However, the talent shortage has similarly challenged engagement of contingent labor.  When requisitions sit open for too… Read more »