• contingent-workforce-management

    Improve Your Contingent Workforce Risk Management

    This year, approximately 81% of hospitals have used contingent labor.  This has included acute care, IT, and even nonprofessional services.  At some locations, in nearly every corner of a hospital, contingent labor is working alongside full time employees. As healthcare contingent workforce programs grow, so too does contingent workforce risk.  Is your health system aware… Read more »

  • Leading Healthcare MSP RightSourcing Named Partner of the Year by Aureus

    IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Leading healthcare MSP, RightSourcing, has been named Partner of the Year by Aureus Medical Group, a leading healthcare staffing supplier. Selected from a group of hundreds of vendors, RightSourcing has been awarded this top honor for their customer service and commitment to providing value to Aureus as a partner…. Read more »

  • onboarding-managed-service-provider

    Improve Onboarding with a Managed Service Provider

    In a recent survey put out by Staffing Industry Analysts, healthcare credentialing was found to take longer than five to six weeks to verify credentials.  A basic part of the candidate onboarding process, verifying credentialing ensures that the contingent worker or full time employee possesses the necessary skills and training to render superior patient care. … Read more »

  • contingent workforce management managed service provider

    4 Communication Strategies to Improve Contingent Workforce Management

    When healthcare organizations begin using contingent labor, often they are challenged with contingent workforce management.  To increase transparency and align with health system goals, approximately 71% have turned to using a managed service provider. When the experts at a managed service provider come in and evaluate systems and processes, often they find a key component… Read more »

  • vendor neutral msp

    Is a Vendor Neutral MSP Procurement’s Best Friend?

    Procurement has their hands full with growing contingent labor programs.  Often, a lot of manpower is devoted to manually trying to gain insights into spend and supplier performance.  But when a health system partners with a vendor neutral MSP, they’re able to outsource these functions, increasing visibility into all areas of the supply chain, enhancing… Read more »

  • contingent labor conversion to employee

    Contingent Labor- Your Next Great Healthcare Hire?

    Healthcare hiring has become more difficult in the past several years due to a number of factors- a persistent skills gap coupled with a pending retirement surge.   This has left healthcare organizations to compete for candidates in order to meet growing patient demand.  Current demand outpaces supply by two to one.  In response, 83% of… Read more »

  • managed service provider achieve scalability

    Achieve Scalability with a Managed Service Provider

    Health systems across the nation are experiencing difficulties obtaining the people necessary to not only provide superior patient care, but to grow the organization.  Vendor neutral managed service provider RightSourcing has observed that nationally approximately 83% of hospitals have sought to increase their staff by using contingent labor.  This trend is echoed among enterprise organizations… Read more »

  • contingent labor engagement

    What’s Challenging Your Contingent Labor Engagement?

    In 2016, healthcare is still challenged with finding the right candidates for full time employment.  The skills gap persists, complicating healthcare hiring.  Coupled with waves of retirement, healthcare has responded by engaging contingent labor to fill open positions.  Yet, not all contingent labor programs are operating at their peak.  Many are challenged with efficiency, cost,… Read more »

  • How to Use Strategic Analytics to Enhance Patient Care

    For several years, human resources, contingent labor engagement, and talent acquisition technologies have begun featuring advanced strategic analytics.  Increasingly, customers have taken notice that strategic analytics is growing in importance.  But what value can it bring to a health system?  The answer is that it can enhance patient care. Strategic Analytics and the Value of… Read more »

  • workforce solutions

    How Can Workforce Solutions Transform Your Contingent Labor Program?

    This year, RightSourcing has observed health systems have increased their use of contingent labor across the nation by another 41%.  As these programs continue to grow and swell, they can become difficult to manage and even more difficult to align with health system goals.  However, using workforce solutions, health systems can transform their contingent labor… Read more »