• healthcare MSP partner

    Improve Your Supply Chain with a Healthcare MSP

    When health systems grow in size and complexity, their supply chain can suffer from a lack of visibility into all areas of spend and utilization of resources.  Often, growing contingent labor programs further complicate this lack of visibility with decentralized hiring and fragmented processes.  However, a healthcare MSP can fill in the missing pieces and… Read more »

  • healthcare hiring trends

    Healthcare Hiring Trends to Watch

    The healthcare industry is leading the nation in new job openings.  According to the Bureau of Labor Services (BLS), 486,000 healthcare jobs were added in 2016 to date while other industries were experiencing stagnant job growth.  These figures show no sign of slowing as more jobs are expected to be added in the healthcare sector…. Read more »

  • healthcare MSP nursing shortage

    Partner with a Healthcare MSP to Solve the Nursing Shortage

    Over the past 2 years, America’s health systems have been experiencing a nursing shortage.  Dire predictions from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in a 2014 report cited a looming 1.2 million nursing openings between 2014 and 2022 due to Baby Boomer retirement.  This nursing shortage poses a large problem as the bulk… Read more »

  • managed service provider supplier awards

    RightSourcing Announces 2016 National Supplier Award Recipients

    Irvine, CA – RightSourcing, the leading national provider of vendor-neutral contingent workforce management solutions for the healthcare industry, is pleased to announce the winners of their annual National Supplier Awards.  The 2016 award winners were selected from a field of over two-thousand contingent workforce suppliers servicing RightSourcing’s healthcare clients.  These awards recognize suppliers who consistently… Read more »

  • contingent workforce management

    What’s Complicating Your Contingent Workforce Management?

    In 2016, health systems significantly increased their use of contingent workers. Among RightSourcing clients, we saw a 41% increase in healthcare contingent workers alone. With an increase in the contingent workforce come new challenges to managing this workforce.  Many health systems are simply unaware of the complexities hindering efficient contingent workforce management.  Is your health… Read more »

  • Healthcare workforce solutions from the premier healthcare MSP

    Do Your Healthcare Workforce Solutions Enhance Employee Satisfaction?

    There’s been a growing disquiet in the healthcare industry.  A significant increase in patients coupled with decreased value-based reimbursements and the high costs associated with new technology implementations has led to deep program cuts.  These cuts have significantly affected healthcare employees’ job satisfaction.  In response, many health systems have embraced the need for healthcare workforce… Read more »

  • Healthcare contingent workers

    Healthcare Contingent Workers Encourage Healthcare Hiring

    Healthcare is experiencing a hiring boom.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recently released a report in which they cited healthcare had added 46,000 jobs in May 2016, increasing the number of jobs added in 2016 to 486,000 more than 2015.  After years of talent shortages due to a healthcare skills gap, health systems are… Read more »

  • Optimizing Contingent Labor with a Vendor Neutral MSP Partner

    White Paper: Optimizing Contingent Labor with a Vendor Neutral MSP Partner

    Are you struggling to implement meaningful healthcare workforce solutions? Do you address shortages in nursing, IT, and other clinical and nonclinical roles with contingent labor? If this sounds like your healthcare facility, you may be in need of some expert advice on how to optimize your program.  Find out how a vendor neutral MSP can… Read more »

  • healthcare workforce solutions ease EHR implementations

    Healthcare Workforce Solutions to Ease EHR Implementation Struggles

    Recent research has suggested that health systems across the nation are feeling the sting associated with implementing new technology.  This technology, known as electronic healthcare record systems, or EHR’s, is intended to enhance patient care significantly.  The federal government has encouraged the implementation of EHR’s in an effort to facilitate reading patient charts and their… Read more »

  • strategic analytics guide healthcare workforce solutions

    Strategic Analytics Guide Healthcare Workforce Solutions

    For several years, businesses in multiple industries have been discussing the buzz about “Big Data.”  With a few years of experience, we now understand this to be strategic analytics.  Healthcare has been slow to adopt strategic analytics, particularly as it applies to healthcare workforce solutions.  Yet, strategic analytics remains one of the most successful components… Read more »