• healthcare workforce solutions ease EHR implementations

    Healthcare Workforce Solutions to Ease EHR Implementation Struggles

    Recent research has suggested that health systems across the nation are feeling the sting associated with implementing new technology.  This technology, known as electronic healthcare record systems, or EHR’s, is intended to enhance patient care significantly.  The federal government has encouraged the implementation of EHR’s in an effort to facilitate reading patient charts and their… Read more »

  • strategic analytics guide healthcare workforce solutions

    Strategic Analytics Guide Healthcare Workforce Solutions

    For several years, businesses in multiple industries have been discussing the buzz about “Big Data.”  With a few years of experience, we now understand this to be strategic analytics.  Healthcare has been slow to adopt strategic analytics, particularly as it applies to healthcare workforce solutions.  Yet, strategic analytics remains one of the most successful components… Read more »

  • healthcare MSP

    Combat Nursing Turnover with a Healthcare MSP

    Recent studies suggest nursing turnover will soon be on the rise.  A pending retirement of Baby Boomers is expected to significantly deplete many health systems of their most skilled nurses.  Additional research by The RN Work Project suggests that nursing turnover will similarly be a problem among newly credentialed nurses.  According to researchers, in the… Read more »

  • nursing time to hire

    Reduce Nursing Time to Hire

    For the past several years, nurses have been in high demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2014 and 2022, there will be another 1.2 million nursing vacancies as nurses retire from the workforce. This demand is only complicated by recent healthcare reform, which has caused dramatic increases in patients seeking healthcare. It’s… Read more »

  • healthcare msp clinical care

    Healthcare MSP and Clinical Care- It’s a Match

    At a recent healthcare conference, administrators identified the growing need to reduce soaring overhead costs while challenged with attracting and hiring more qualified workers on site.  Recent healthcare reform has caused an influx of patients into many hospitals and outpatient treatment centers, but qualified candidates are difficult to find due to significant shortages in a… Read more »

  • diversity healthcare hiring

    How to Encourage Diversity in Healthcare Hiring

    As any employee of a diverse organization knows, diversity is more than just a buzzword.  There’s something fantastic that happens when people of various backgrounds, experiences, and walks of life get together.  In the workplace, the contribution of a diverse workforce can actually be measured. Organizations with diverse workforces are more productive and more profitable. … Read more »

  • healthcare compliance

    Enhance Healthcare Compliance, Enhance Patient Care

    The American healthcare industry has grown to over $3.24 trillion dollars in 2016.  For this reason, the healthcare industry remains one of the most highly regulated industries, subjected to a myriad of state and federal regulations.  Yet healthcare compliance is about more than just complying with laws governing labor, medical privacy, and medical reimbursements.  Healthcare… Read more »

  • vendor neutral MSP

    Why You Need a Vendor Neutral MSP

    When it comes to managing a health system’s contingent workforce, many health systems are aware that partnering with a managed service provider (MSP,) is a smart choice.  After all, MSP’s can provide a wealth of benefits- contingent workforce management, enhanced efficiencies, transparency in the hiring process, risk mitigation, and more.  But when it comes to… Read more »

  • healthcare hiring costs

    Reduce Healthcare Hiring Costs

    Healthcare systems today find themselves in a unique position- demand for healthcare workers is rising, yet many budgets are tied to maintaining more stringent compliance.  How does a healthcare system reduce healthcare hiring costs and avoid risk? The answer is to use a managed service provider. Reduce Healthcare Hiring Costs with a Managed Service Provider… Read more »

  • contingent labor cost savings