Champion Diversity in Your Contingent Labor Program

Employers have long realized the benefits of diversity in their workplace.  Gallup reports that diverse teams are 35% more productive and produce 58% greater revenue than teams that are more homogenous.  However, healthcare has an even greater purpose- to develop diverse workforces that are more nuanced in cultural and gender sensitivity in order to provide superior patient care.  Healthcare hiring has been excellent at embracing the benefits of diversity but as the healthcare skills gap widens, the critical need for staff has at times challenged this core value.  The result has often been for a hiring manager to turn to one preferred supplier and ask for new contingent labor candidates to start tomorrow.  Diversity has at times fallen by the wayside in these scenarios.  The challenge remains- how does a health system champion diversity in its contingent labor program?

Managed Service Providers –
Champions for Diversity in Your Contingent Labor Program

Central to the promotion of diversity in a contingent labor program is a strategic partnership with a managed service provider.  These experts have a number of strategic workforce solutions that promote diversity and help a health system’s contingent labor program become more effective. This includes the following strategies:

  • Partnerships with HUB suppliers. When your contingent labor program is managed by a managed service provider, they have a number of options to boost diversity.  A popular and successful method is for a vendor neutral managed service provider to partner with and mentor historically underutilized business (HUB) suppliers. These partnerships enhance diversity initiatives and provide a wider talent pool from which your health system can source qualified candidates.  RightSourcing has been named Diversity Supplier of the Year by one client, mentoring HUB suppliers as a part of this client’s contingent labor program. As a result, diversity spend is up and their diversity program is thriving.
  • VMS solutions assist team members in blind selection of the most qualified candidates. Despite best efforts, many people have inherent biases.  This can be cultural, age, or gendered.  Using VMS software, a managed service provider can assist in overcoming any unintentional bias in engaging candidates for the contingent labor program.  This is because candidates are selected by a set of qualifications that are entered into the requisition, assigning scores to resumes that most closely match experience.  This provides a wonderful solution for enhancing diversity in your contingent labor program.
  • Make the interview process more inclusive. According to a 2013 U.S. Census report, men in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) were employed at twice the rate than women. When diversity is a priority in your contingent labor program, your managed service provider partner can make the interview more inclusive by involving more diverse voices in the process of screening and interviewing.  Their teams of diverse Client Services professionals can lend new perspectives.  This can ensure that diverse opinions contribute to the engagement process, decreasing the likelihood of unintentional bias in your contingent labor program.

If your health system is seeking to enhance its diversity efforts in its contingent labor program, turn to your managed service provider for great ideas.  Contact leading healthcare managed service provider, RightSourcing, for a free workforce analysis to start the process.

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