Energize Your Contingent Workforce Program

Has your contingent workforce program gone stale? Across the nation, 83% of hospitals are using contingent workers to fill open positions.  In many cases, these contingent workforce programs are managed by hiring managers in their “spare” time.  As these programs grow in size and scope, new complexities and challenges emerge which require more nuanced and expert contingent workforce management.  Don’t let your contingent workforce program go stale in the face of new challenges; energize it with these workforce solutions.

Make Your Contingent Workforce Program Impactful Again with a Managed Service Provider Partnership

In many health systems, their contingent workforce program is reactionary.  These programs are often challenged by budgetary concerns, time restraints, compliance difficulties, and more.  Yet this doesn’t have to be the case.  Consider the following ways in which your health system can reenergize its contingent workforce program with a managed service provider partner:

  • Embrace new ideas and gain strategic direction. It can be scary to implement new processes and systems in healthcare. After all, many health systems have been doing things one way for a very long time with results.  But what if new ideas could reduce spend, improve patient safety and care, and build a happier workforce? A managed service provider has teams of experts that regularly engage in thought leadership, program management, and more.  These skilled individuals are a third party, so they’re often able to see problems before they arise and solve them with creative new ideas. By embracing your managed service provider partner’s new ideas in a contingent workforce program, health systems can inject some innovation and creativity into the program to make it more impactful.
  • Use strategic analytics to guide decision making. Often, teams are used to making decisions based upon qualitative data, or how the team feels about a situation.  Using strategic analytics, decision makers can rely upon quantitative data to guide strategy in their contingent workforce program.  A managed service provider partner thrives on strategic analytics.  Using solutions such as VMS technology, they can shine a light on opportunities for improvement, whether that’s the engagement process, on-boarding, supplier management, and more.  Partners such as managed service provider RightSourcing can also provide a more nuanced approach with market intelligence.  This can provide a deeper look at the market, offering more than just the numbers. This can guide decision makers as they seek to transform their contingent workforce program.
  • Focus on the delivery of superior patient care instead of the complexities. Health systems are in the business of delivering superior patient care.  At its core, a contingent workforce program exists to ensure technology advancements enhance patient care, or enough staff is on hand to care for patients.  Complexities involved with finding the right qualified candidates can cloud this focus and programs can turn into a frustrating balancing act between maintaining supplier relationships, adhering to compliance policies, and more.  Let your health system focus on what matters- patient care and let your managed service provider partner focus on the complexities instead. Your partner can confidently guide you through the myriad of complexities, mitigating risk and driving your contingent workforce program to align with overarching health system goals.  Their teams of experts can drive healthcare compliance, quality control, cost reduction, and maintaining the proper supplier mix.

By partnering with a managed service provider, health systems are able to transform their contingent workforce program from a reactionary program into a proactive and innovative program.  Contact healthcare managed service provider RightSourcing for a free workforce analysis to find out how to reenergize your contingent workforce program.

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