How Can a Healthcare MSP Future Proof Your Workforce?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 10% of the American workforce will soon be eligible for retirement.  This is troubling news for any organization, but particularly in healthcare, which is facing a serious skills gap.  Look around your health system- can you afford to lose 10% of your valued workforce? Turn to the experts at your healthcare MSP for great ideas on how to future proof your workforce.

Prepare for Your Future with Your Healthcare MSP Partner

When retirements start surging, health systems are going to be severely impacted.  This is especially true of nursing, which is already surging in demand by another 26%.  There will be over 525,000 additional nurses needed to fill open positions by 2020.  Yet a persistent nursing shortage will further complicate the acquisition of additional nurses.  It’s time to prepare your health system now by turning to your healthcare MSP partner for intelligent workforce solutions.  Their expertise can assist in the following:

  • Improve your access to contingent labor. In 2016, Modern Health cites that approximately 83% of hospitals are using contingent labor to fill open positions.  Yet many health systems’ contingent labor programs are not optimized to reach the widest candidate pools because they often only work with a handful of preferred suppliers. Before the retirement surge happens at your health system, your healthcare MSP can ensure you have adequate access to enough contingent labor candidates to fill open positions. When your healthcare MSP is also vendor neutral, your health system gains access to thousands of suppliers across the nation with specialties ranging from clinical to non-clinical, allied, professional services, and more.  Increasing the amount of suppliers in your contingent labor program will improve access to qualified contingent labor to ensure your health system will have enough staff on hand when retirements surge.
  • Develop comprehensive on-boarding and training materials. One of the greatest fears that health systems have is that when retirement surges begin, they’ll lose legacy knowledge of systems, processes, and patient care.  Working with your healthcare MSP partner, your health system can help you to develop comprehensive on-boarding and training materials with the assistance of valued long term employees.  These on-boarding and training materials can be valuable tools to provide suppliers and contingent labor at the beginning of their assignment to familiarize them with the unique processes and systems at your health system.
  • Encourage contingent labor to shadow long term employees. Rather than watch your retiring employees’ specialty knowledge walk out the door, let them mentor incoming contingent labor.  Turn to your healthcare MSP partner for guidance in creating a mentorship program which pairs contingent labor with these valuable long term employees so they can shadow them on the job. Your healthcare MSP can help structure a program to transfer important knowledge and skills so your health system doesn’t lose it when that employee retires.
  • Contingent labor conversion programs. Contingent labor is characteristically temporary in nature.  These individuals come into health systems, learn the systems and processes, and often leave with that knowledge to begin anew someplace else.  When contingent labor exceeds expectations or performs exceedingly well, don’t lose that talent. Instead, let your healthcare MSP guide you through the process of converting contingent labor into full time employees.  Your healthcare MSP is composed of teams of experts in areas such as program management, HR, talent acquisition, and training.  Using these skills and expertise at hundreds of client locations, your healthcare MSP can make recommendations to structure a formal conversion program to retain high performing contingent labor.

Health systems don’t need to struggle when retirement surges begin.  Instead, turn to your trusted healthcare MSP partner for guidance to future proof your workforce. Contact healthcare MSP RightSourcing today for a free workforce analysis and find out how they can assist your health system with future proofing your workforce.

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