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"We are very pleased to have chosen RightSourcing as our partner and Managing Vendor for all the contract staffing. They have delivered on their promises for process improvement and significant savings, which to date have exceeded our expectations. The RightSourcing program allows us to analyze the entire staffing program. With this data we can make strategic decisions about our staffing utilization."

C.F.O. & V.P. Finance
Healthcare System, Southern California

"Through our partnership with RightSourcing, our facility has saved over $2 Million dollars from rate negotiations without decreasing quality or time-to-fill. Additionally, we have realized further benefits from the conversion of pediatric specialists and decreased administrative burdens. RightSourcing has been a dedicated partner to helping us meet our staffing needs, including our recent growth as a facility. Through an RFP and interview process [for a national award for all of our facilities], we once again, came to realize that no other service compares to the RightSourcing program."

Director Employment and Volunteer Services
Pediatric Specialty Hospital, Southern California

"RightSourcing has delivered on its promises to provide expert vendor management in the area of contingent labor and I am pleased to have them as a strategic partner in our efforts to reduce costs and manage our temporary labor workforce."

V.P. National Director of Staffing
Claims Management Company, 250+ Locations

"Vendor Management provides the benefit of a partner who is a one-stop-shop to manage external resources that are necessary to an organization in a much more fiscally sound manner."

V.P. of Human Resources
Healthcare System, Central California

"RightSourcing is the expert in Vendor Management Services. We appreciate their perseverance to help us implement a pioneering program for hospital staffing. I'm not sure another agency would have stuck by us through all our challenges."

V.P. of Human Resources
Healthcare IDN

"RightSourcing has consistently delivered on promised for process improvement and demonstrated significant cost savings... With real-time data, we've made real-time strategic decisions regarding staffing utilization. This program helped us identify opportunities to enhance processes and procedures to make sound business decisions. I am pleased to recommend RightSourcing as a partner of Vendor Management Services."

VP of HR
Healthcare System, Central California

"The partnership with RightSourcing has exceeded our goals for a VMS partner. The biggest win for our system has been a significant decrease in our vacancy rate through conversions and by freeing up our internal recruiters to focus on staff recruitment and retention. RightSourcing has also supported us in the development of an internal float pool, staffing services for our non-acute facilities, increased support from the supplier network, and technology that provides leadership with advanced reporting and metrics."

VP, Patient Care Services, CNO
Healthcare System, Southern California

"Their extensive knowledge in operating a successful vendor management program is to be applauded. I highly recommend them to any organization that is looking for a partner who can deliver financial results as well as exceptional service and value to its facility."

Senior Supply Chain Director
Pediatric Facility in the Southeast

"RightSourcing provides significant savings, risk protection, and process efficiencies for a an expanding, Internationally Recognized Pediatric Facility

Over the last few months, they (RightSourcing) have helped me fill more than 50 IT positions. I could not have succeeded in finding these staff without the commitment of RightSourcing."

IT Manager
Pediatric Facility in the Southeast

"I continue to be pleasantly impressed by the RightSourcing program. The data and analytics are truly outstanding."

Large Healthcare System with over 28 facilities

RightSourcing relieves you of the management and administrative tasks involved in working with staffing companies and contract workers.  We have been using a vendor neutral management approach longer than anyone else since 2001.

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Whether your locum tenens usage is small and fairly infrequent or ongoing and sizeable, we have the scalable model and resources to give you efficiency, contract compliance, risk management, and cost savings.

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See what our current clients are saying about our services and working relationships.

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Simplifying Supplier Management

Some of America's leading healthcare organizations use RightSourcing® to impartially manage their contingent workforce. For them, it's a one-stop shop. They deal with only one supplier, rather than the dozens or in some cases hundreds, they had used previously. They receive only one consolidated invoice, rather than the scores (or hundreds) they received before. Each of them receives customized service delivery designed specifically for them. We consult to centralize order flow, streamline billing, ensure the strictest credentialing requirements are met, drive market rates and manage their existing supplier relationships. In addition they gain access to meaningful metrics across the organization leading to the effective and efficient use of contract resources.

Save Time. Save Money.

  • All your questions and requests will be handled by a single on or near-site team
  • Standardized and centralized order fulfillment will be available providing significant efficiencies and risk mitigation
  • Integrations to other systems will streamline processes associated with contingent workers significantly reducing keying errors, freeing internal resources and providing real time reporting and analytics for better decision making
  • You will receive only one invoice a week, for all your units, projects and cost centers
  • You will fill open positions in less time with better quality
  • You will gain access to an easy-to-use, web-based ordering and reporting system
  • You will be able to schedule daily staff with pre-qualified candidates more easily
  • Standardize quality control requirements will be performed for all contingent workers
  • You will receive detailed supplier performance and usage summaries

How It Works

RightSourcing® specializes in vendor neutral, customized contingent workforce management solutions for healthcare and healthcare-related organizations. As your managed service provider (MSP), we will leverage state of the art Vendor Management Services (VMS) technologies, intellectual capital and dedicated support to be your single point of contact. We impartially manage the purchasing and processing of all of your contingent workforce needs, including clinical, IT, locums, interpreters, translation, coders and statement of work suppliers. You and your staff will be freed up to concentrate on your core business activities. Your orders will be filled faster, through the trusted supplier sources we have compiled over more than a decade of serving this industry. In fact, RightSourcing® can even help with your direct hire requirements. Here are just a few of the benefits you will see:

  • We will consult with each user department to determine current usage and future needs
  • We will determine satisfaction ratings for your current suppliers
  • We will customize a service offering to address your needs and only your needs
  • We will provide a competitive requisition fulfillment process resulting in the best quality candidates at the best market rates
  • We will continue to leverage your existing suppliers and bring additional specialty suppliers based on your approval and needs
  • We will develop an effective supplier performance and usage tracking system.
  • You will see standardization of bill and pay rates for specific skills.
  • You will receive a market bill rate analysis for hourly based workers.
  • You will receive best-in-class meaningful analytics and reporting



The Joint Commission National Quality Approval


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