• Leading Managed Service Provider, RightSourcing, Announces National Supplier Award Recipients

    Irvine, CA – RightSourcing, the leading national provider of vendor-neutral contingent workforce management solutions for the healthcare industry, is pleased to announce the winners of their annual National Supplier Awards.  This year’s award winners were selected from a field of over two-thousand contingent workforce suppliers servicing RightSourcing’s healthcare clients.  These awards recognize suppliers who consistently… Read more »

  • How a Vendor-Neutral Managed Service Provider Saved a Health Network $15 Million

    I recently shared insights with HFMA’s Healthcare Cost Containment about the cost-saving benefits and increased efficiencies associated with a vendor-neutral Managed Service Provider (MSP); specifically in health systems. A lack of efficiency is often to blame for runaway labor costs. But efficiency is not solely about encouraging workers to perform at higher levels. Efficiency also includes… Read more »

  • vendor neutral MSP

    Encourage SOW Success with a Vendor Neutral MSP

    Today’s healthcare contingent workforce is diverse- spanning across departments from nursing to IT.  In addition to short term assignments, there are also many SOW programs operating on a project basis.  Often, these programs are to address a specific business initiative such as implementing new technology.  Despite their business need, many of these programs never see… Read more »

  • minimize-contingent-workforce-management-risk

    Minimize Contingent Workforce Management Risk Across Your Supply Chain

    In 2016, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that healthcare employment grew by 3.6%, driving much of the growth of new jobs added to the economy.  Within healthcare, this also coincided with a significant growth in contingent workforce programs.  Unable to acquire enough qualified candidates to keep pace with rising demand, many health systems sought… Read more »

  • Revamp Your Contingent Workforce Management for 2017

    In 2016, more health systems used contingent labor than ever before.  Approximately 83% of hospitals reported having contingent workforce programs, an increase of 41% from 2015.  In 2017, this shows no sign of slowing.  As health systems continue to struggle with low reimbursements, changing regulations, and shifting care based models, contingent workforce management will become… Read more »

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    The Case for Small Data in Healthcare Contingent Labor Programs

    For several years, human resources technology and talent management software have experienced a renaissance in strategic analytics.  These platforms have focused on integrating what has been called Big Data, offering macro views of talent acquisition and management.  As healthcare expands its talent pool and increases their engagement of contingent labor, strategic analytics have become critical… Read more »

  • Vendor Neutral MSP

    Predicting Contingent Workforce Trends in 2017

    With 2017 right around the corner, it’s time to look to the future of healthcare contingent workforce management. In 2016, we observed a significant increase in the use of contingent labor, with 83% of hospitals reporting they were now using contingent labor.  This marked an increase of 41% from 2015.  With this increase, new workforce… Read more »

  • healthcare-msp-risk

    How Can a Healthcare MSP Take Risk Off the Balance Sheet?

    Becker Hospital Review’s recent CEO + CFO Roundtable offered perspectives on a persistent theme- how can a health system take risk off the balance sheet?  Leaders gathered to discuss best practices and innovative approaches towards mitigating risk in a changing environment.  One such consideration offered was that outsourcing contingent workforce management to a healthcare MSP… Read more »

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    Champion Diversity in Your Contingent Labor Program

    Employers have long realized the benefits of diversity in their workplace.  Gallup reports that diverse teams are 35% more productive and produce 58% greater revenue than teams that are more homogenous.  However, healthcare has an even greater purpose- to develop diverse workforces that are more nuanced in cultural and gender sensitivity in order to provide… Read more »

  • healthcare MSP future proof

    How Can a Healthcare MSP Future Proof Your Workforce?

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 10% of the American workforce will soon be eligible for retirement.  This is troubling news for any organization, but particularly in healthcare, which is facing a serious skills gap.  Look around your health system- can you afford to lose 10% of your valued workforce? Turn to… Read more »